Monday, November 12, 2012

Start With A Good Photo for Your Expert Profile

Humans respond emotionally to visual images, particularly the faces of others.  That’s why it is so important for Experts to have a good photograph.  We strongly suggest that you have a professional take your photograph, and that it be a head and shoulders shot. Your dress should be professional as if you were going to an office. 

As an Expert, you want to have a trustworthy yet friendly expression.  Did you know that there are at least 12 different kinds of smiles?  It’s easy for anyone to recognize a forced smile, a wary smile, or even an angry smile.  We unconsciously recognize the sincerity of a smile in others, and similarly others can recognize sincerity in our smile.  

It’s not easy for most of us to take a picture with a relaxed and natural smile, but a professional photographer can help you achieve this. Normally a photographer will snap dozens of pictures, and then you can choose the one you like best.  If you’re not sure which one is best, ask a friend or colleague, making sure to tell him or her what the photo is being used for.  Having a good photograph is not about winning a beauty contest, but rather it is about portraying yourself as someone who is a trusted individual; knowledgeable, sincere, and, how else can I say it, an Expert.

Once you are satisfied with the photo for your Expert Profile, make sure to adjust the image to 160 x 160 pixels for best results.  Remember that even if you have already registered to be an Expert, you can upload a new photo at any time.

Let us know if you have a question about creating your Expert Profile. Your profile is your “storefront” so to speak, so make it place that people will want to visit.   

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